07/03/2017 15:15 GMT

9 Times The Dislike Button Would Be Perfect On Facebook

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We know that Facebook have told us time and time again, that we won’t be getting a dislike button on their platform, mainly because they’re worried about us all trolling each other into a black pit of despair.

But we just can’t help but think about all the times it would so wonderfully sum up exactly what we’re all thinking.

1. When your ex gets a new (better-looking) partner.

2. When someone 10 years younger than you buys a house. 

3. When your distant relatives share ‘inspiring’ Donald Trump quotes.

4. When you get tagged in photos from the office Christmas party.

5. When a colleague explains potty training their child in excruciating detail.

6. When your grandma thinks she is writing to someone and is actually posting an endless reem of statuses.  

7. When someone details every part of their fitness routine and diet.

8. When your friends share smug beach holiday photographs. 

9. When your mum leaves the same comment on every one of your profile pictures.

Please Zuckerberg, just think about it?