Anonymous Hackers Claims To Take NASA Site Down

"We will let NASA explain."

A group of hackers, linked to Anonymous, have allegedly taken NASA's site down.

AnonCorruption posted a tweet on Sunday night with a screenshot of the reported hack.

The actual hack was allegedly carried out by a group who call themselves'New World Hacking' and they believe the space agency is hiding information about Islamic State

They claim the agency's site and email servers went down as a result of a DDoS - a distributed denial of service attack - which is a standard technique used to crash websites by overwhelming it with too much traffic.

The main site is functioning and the agency have not commented on the hackers' claims.

"We believe NASA is holding back information on many things, not just one," a member of New World Hacking told the Mirror.

"The main thing we suspect they are holding back some more information on ISIS that the public needs to know.

"We won't tell the public what we think they are hiding - we will let NASA explain."

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