17/10/2017 18:18 BST

Anthony Scaramucci's Firm Deletes Outrageous Poll About The Holocaust


The new ‘media venture’ run by Donald Trump’s former communications chief has deleted a poll asking readers how many Jews they thought had been murdered during the Holocaust after sparking outrage.

Anthony Scaramucci’s The Scaramucci Post, which was launched in September, was accused of pandering to Holocaust deniers by asking its 24,000-plus Twitter followers this question on Tuesday morning: 


Around 6 millions Jews were systematically murdered during the genocide instigated under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

But The Scaramucci Post question appears to suggest with its multiple-choice options that the total number of Jews killed may have been fewer than 1 million.

Here’s how the first 4,577 respondents voted:


This was some of the reaction.

The poll question was taken down after around 90 minutes. The Scaramucci Post’s Twitter account, according to its bio page, is run by hedge fund manager Lance Laifer. A subsequent tweet on Tuesday said that Laifer was behind the Holocaust question, and that Scaramucci was not aware of it.