28/09/2017 17:43 BST

Anthony Scaramucci: 5 WTF Moments From The Scaramucci Post's Launch Video

The man loves a metaphor.

Anthony Scaramucci has treated the world to a generous insight into his vision for his upcoming project, the Scaramucci Post.

The former communications director to Donald Trump, who lasted a mere 10 days in the job, is about to launch an online news site and decided to post a video telling the Scaramucci Post’s 20,000 eager Twitter followers a bit more about what it will be like.

And, unsurprisingly, his pitch was quite bizarre. Well, we all knew he likes to be creative with his language.

Here are five WTF things that the Mooch managed to squeeze into just under two minutes of talking:

1. When he described his website as “the centre lane in a two-lane highway”

So like, straddling both lanes?

2. When he managed to offend literary fans by not crediting an Oscar Wilde quote

He said the site’s tagline was going to be “everything in moderation, including moderation”. Tut tut.

3. This metaphor:

“We feel that the pendulum on the clock split and went two ways. And so one part of the pendulum is sitting way far on the right and the other part of the pendulum is sitting way far on the left. And it’s left an opportunity to be in the centre lane discussing with the American people what’s going on in society and how we can make society better”

Yeah, gravity plays a pretty big part in ensuring this doesn’t happen.

4. When he said his site will be a “world class experience”


So far, we’ve just seen lots of emojis. And polls. So many polls.

5. The fact he said the whole things wearing a branded T-shirt tucked into his trousers

And ended the video by putting some shades on. Oh my.

The Scaramucci Post will launch on October 2, with the party to be streamed on Facebook Live. Which is bound to be worth a watch.