Anthony Scaramucci Explains Why, As A Republican, He's Backing A Democrat

Trump's former White House communications director said he'd campaign for Joe Biden if asked to.

Anthony Scaramucci is a Republican, but he’s willing to back former Vice President Joe Biden for president.

The onetime White House communications director ― who held his post for just 10 days in 2017 and is now a vocal critic of President Donald Trump’s administration ― told CNN’s Richard Quest on “Markets Now” on Wednesday that he would vote for the Democratic presidential candidate and even campaign for him, but intends to remain a Republican.

“Well, of everybody, I would take Joe Biden because of what you know about Wall Street, what I know about Wall Street, they like stability, they like levels of complacency, I think the president is representing disruption from the right,” Scaramucci said when asked by Quest to weigh in on which candidate would have Wall Street’s support. He cited the president’s response to the coronavirus ― the outbreak of which has prompted wild stock market swings ― as a factor.

“In an election between Trump and Biden, do you stay as a Republican?” Quest asked.

Scaramucci said he’d remain a Republican, but would vote for Biden.

“I’m a Republican for Joe Biden. Because the president is not a Republican,” Trump’s former friend said.

“Well, I’m not a Trumpist. I’m an old-school Republican like Mitt Romney, old-school Republican like George Herbert Walker Bush ... I don’t agree with his spending ... I don’t agree with the hatred, the nonsense, the license for impunity, the racism.”

When asked if he would campaign for Biden, Scaramucci said: “If he asks me to, I will.”

His comments come after Biden swept Super Tuesday with primary wins in North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Minnesota and Massachusetts, ending the night with the most delegates in a stunning comeback after weak showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Last year, Scaramucci was spotted at a Southampton, New York, charity event featuring Biden. At the time, he insisted he was still registered as a Republican but was searching for a GOP candidate to challenge Trump because “he’s lost his mind.”

Trump’s challengers in the Republican primaries have seen dismal results (his closest contender, Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, had just one delegate going into Super Tuesday, where Trump coasted to an easy victory). Other conservatives, such as Daily Beast columnist and CNN commentator Matt Lewis, have announced they are crossing party lines to support Biden’s bid for the White House.

Watch Scaramucci’s CNN Business interview below. His comments about his preferred candidate start at the 8:25 mark.


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