19/07/2020 19:09 BST | Updated 20/07/2020 11:08 BST

People Are Protesting Against Wearing Masks While... Wearing Masks

One protestor in Hyde Park held a sign saying "no mask" while wearing a mask that had "f*ck masks" written on it.

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Hundreds of people gathered in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon to protest against wearing face coverings, some of them while wearing actual face coverings.

The demonstration, organised by Keep Britain Free, was against what organisers called the “liberty-sapping” new rules that will make face masks mandatory in shops later this month in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

One protestor held a sign saying “no mask” while wearing a mask that had “fuck masks” written on it.

One man was carrying a mask-wearing doll that said “these masks will not let you breathe oxygen” while wearing a much larger mask in the shape on an alien which read “gagged”.

People attend a protest against the wearing of masks during the coronavirus outbreak, in Hyde Park, London.

Some of those who oppose the wearing of face coverings have made the completely false claim they reduce the bodies of intake of oxygen.

Another protestor went all out and was spotted strolling around wearing a full leather plague mask.

A man wearing a plaque mask attending a protest against the wearing of masks during the coronavirus outbreak, in Hyde Park, London.

Others at the protest brandished signs saying “I will be not be masked, tested, tracked” and one man was spotted wearing a t-shirt promoting another completely false conspiracy theory, that 5G causes coronavirus.


One of the organisers, Leah Butler-Smith, told Sky News: “Because the government started out saying ‘there is absolutely no need for a mask’, and many other important scientists have reportedly said the same, it did not make any sense why they suddenly said it was going to be mandated.”

“If the government really wants to protect the public and give them more confidence then they should stop trying to use the coercion strategy or to make people scared.”


After months of uncertainty, Tuesday finally saw the government come out with a clear line on the wearing of face coverings in shops to help fight coronavirusthey will become mandatory in England from July 24, with a fine of £100 for people who refuse to put them on.