Pranita Kocharekar's Anxiety Illustrations Depict Mental Illness In A Light-Hearted Way

'When you’re sick and you ask Dr. Internet for cure.'

An illustrator from Dubai is tackling anxiety in the best kind of way.

Pranita Kocharekar’s new series, ‘Is That You?’, acknowledges the grip anxiety can have on a person but with a hearty dose of humour.

The illustrations do not actually depict symptoms of anxiety, but rather the emotions and thoughts of an anxious person, drawn from Kocharekar’s own experiences and the experiences of her friends.

Her first illustration shows a picture of a computer screen with the caption: “When you’re sick and you ask Dr. Internet for cure.”

The computer screen reads: “You’re obviously dying.”

Kocharekar told Mashable that she kept it light-hearted for a particular reason.

“Using a serious approach could make an already anxious person even more anxious,” she said. “I wanted to keep the mood as light as possible.”

Check out the series in full below or visit her Instagram to see more amazing illustrations.