Apple's New Emoji For 2018 Include Redheads, Superheroes And More

Which is your favourite?

It’s World Emoji Day and to celebrate Apple has revealed just some of the 70 new emojis that will be arriving on your iPhone when iOS 12 launches in September.

In addition to new standard emojis Apple has updated the human ones to include new hair types including redheads, curly hair and even no hair at all.


If you’re thinking ‘I definitely already knew about the redhead emoji’ then you’re by no means alone.

The Unicode Consortium (which actually decides which emoji are allowed) actually revealed that it would be adding redheads months ago but Apple actually delays the addition of new emoji for each major release of its operating system iOS.

That means that while Twitter already has some of them, these won’t appear on your iPhones until September when iOS 12 is released to the public.


In addition to the new human emoji there’s a few random additions including a kangaroo, parrot, peacock and a mango.

To be clear this is just a taste of what’s to come. When iOS 12 is released there will be more than 70 new emoji that can be used across iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

For now though, why not vote on which one is your favourite:


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