05/10/2016 17:22 BST

10 Arguments Every Parent Has With Their Toddler On A Daily Basis

You need to wash your hands.

Having children is a real education in logic and rational argument: especially when you have to justify why mummy can eat chocolate before dinnertime but they can’t.

These are 10 arguments that all parents have with their toddler on a daily basis (and will never win).   

1. The argument about making mess. 

2. The argument about asking questions. 

3. The argument about them losing things. 

4. The argument about basic hygiene.

5. The argument about their special plate. 

6. The argument about which book to read before bed.

7. The argument about going to bed on time.

8. The argument about ‘why’. 

9. The argument where they can’t articulate the problem. 

10. The argument where you don’t have the answer.

We preferred them when they couldn’t talk.