Artificial Intelligence Used To Brew A Better Beer

Now the robots really are in control.

The world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence is here, and now the AI wants to know what you think of its efforts to help make it even tastier.

IntelligentXBrewingCompany based in the UK, claim they are the first company globally to use a computer algorithm to help make a better pint.


The AI, which the team has called Abi, has been fed information by world-class brewers to help inform decisions about variables such as ingredients and methods.

Dr Rob McInerney, co-founder of IntelligentX, said: “AI is about making decisions and when you’re brewing beer there’s a lot of decisions that need to be made.”

Once the first batch was “encoded with brewer’s intuition” AI was then able to take that information and integrate it with live customer feedback.

Now whenever customers try one of the beers, which come in “pirate black” bottles and four different flavours, they can give it an appraisal.

IntelligentX have a feedback site where customers can suggest improvements and vote for their favourite, whilst sitting in the pub.


The AI is successfully able to combine the knowledge of the brewers with the demands of the customer – making the beer as good as you want it to be.

Dr McInerney said: “People’s tastes are changing and AI is the perfect way to harness that.”

The AI combines reinforced learning and decision-making capabilities to ensure that the complex brewing process is reviewed regularly and stays ahead in the saturated craft beer market.

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