Artist Uses Avocado To Draw Famous Faces

Then eats them on toast.

An artist has amazed avocado fans around the world by turning their favourite food into famous faces.

Boris Toledo Doorm smears avocado into images of everyone from the Mona Lisa and Maleficent to Grumpy Cat and the cast of ‘The Simpsons’.

After photographing his creations, Doorm gobbles them up with some toast to ensure none of the creamy goodness goes to waste.

Doorm has been creating avocado art for more than a year, but his creations recently went viral after he shared them on BoredPanda.

“I eat avocado every day. One of these days, I wondered if it was possible to make drawings with this... and I did (after six hours),” he explained in the post.

“Then I continued doing more and they took between one to two hours.

“After completing a drawing, I photographed it and then I ate it with bread. That was the best [sic].”

See some of Doorm’s artwork below or visit his Facebook page to see more of his work.

Avocado Toast Upgrades