As Emma Watson Identifies As 'Self-Partnered', 7 Women Share The Joy Of Being Single

The actor told British Vogue it took her a "long time" to enjoy being single, but now she's "very happy".

Emma Watson has revealed she’s “very happy” being single, adding that she’s coined a new term to describe her relationship status: self-partnered.

“I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ spiel,” she said in an interview with British Vogue. “I was like: ‘this is totally spiel.’ It took me a long time, but I’m very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered.”

The actor’s rebranding has had a mixed reaction; while Piers Morgan scoffed at the phrase, others are more open to using it.

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Nicola Slawson, who runs the newsletter The Single Supplement, says she “doesn’t hate” the term self-partnered, but isn’t against calling a spade a spade.

“I can see that a new word might help remove some of the stigma, but I actually don’t mind the word single. ‘Singleton’, on the other hand, can be put in the bin,” she tells HuffPost UK.

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For Slawson, being single was a conscious decision after a “truly disastrous relationship”.

“I would like a partner eventually, but I’m not willing to settle or compromise myself again,” she says. “Being single feels really empowering. Plus it is great to be able to sleep like a starfish because I always get the bed all to myself!”

Whatever you choose to call it – single or self-partnered – flying solo has its perks. Here, six more women share what they love about it.

A thriving social life 💃

“I love the term self-partnered so much and wish I’d coined it myself. Being single has a massive stigma attached and I’ve never really understood why. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on any part of life – or that my life is less fulfilled – because I’m single. I think a lot of people just don’t spend enough time focusing on their own mental wellbeing. I have a thriving social life, spend time with friends and enjoy going out and meeting new people, too.” – Hannah Crofts, 25, Leeds

No holiday compromises 🏝

“I love being selfish when it comes to making plans or holidays. Of course it’s nice having a companion, but it also means I don’t have to compromise when I go somewhere for dinner or make travel plans. I spent a week in Copenhagen walking around by myself, eating brunch and visiting little boutiques without needing to split my time in two with someone else.” – Kara Godfrey, 27, London

Rediscovering yourself 💗

“I’m newly single after separating from my husband 15 months ago. I think relationships can sometimes make you lose yourself – what you love doing and what makes you happy. When you’re single you have time to rediscover yourself. It’s important to know that you are enough, alone.” – Helen McCusker, 36, Hampshire

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Full access to the TV 📺

“I enjoy not having to check in with somebody else – that allows for spontaneity and freedom of choice. My life is entirely my own. And, after time with a very uncompromising ex, that is not something I take for granted. Also, never underestimate the joy of having sole control of the TV remote!” Carla Linford, 40, Lincolnshire

Decorating however you want 🏠

“I’m no longer single but was for so long, and there are so many perks. I bought my dream home, a little cottage in the ‘city’. I sanded the floors, painted the walls and some floors, made all the curtains and all the soft furnishings. I went on sewing courses and also did a DIY course on how to do things around the house that ‘men usually do’. I was so happy I was single because I could do all of that and give no explanations.” – Maria de Sousa, 47, Kent

Feeling empowered 💪

“For me it’s empowering to know that my happiness, my sense of completeness and self-worth is my own; I’m responsible for it and no one else. I am enough to fulfil my own life. If I meet someone else who adds something to that, and brings something to the table, that’s great. But I don’t need to rely on anyone else for it.” – Tereza Senfeld, 26, Aberdeen

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