Asda Launches Vegan Mince Pies In UK Supermarket First


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies and now, vegans can get in on the festive fun.

Asda has become the first UK supermarket to sell vegan-friendly mince pies, made from raisins, festive spices and dairy-free pastry.

The six-pack of mince pies is the first on the market to carry the Vegan Society Trademark, the most credible vegan label on the market to help identify products that are free from animal ingredients.

Better yet, the vegan goodies come in at just 89p per box.

Asda/HuffPost UK

With over half a million people in the UK now following a vegan diet, Asda is hoping its latest creation will prove to be very popular.

The nation had reportedly already spent £4 million on mince pies by mid-October and Asda predicts 18 million individual vegan mince pies will be gobbled down this Christmas.


Commenting on the launch, George Gill, CEO of The Vegan Society, told HuffPost UK: “The Vegan Society is delighted to register Asda’s delicious mince pies with our Vegan Trademark just in time for Christmas.

“Labelling products is important to vegans and those shopping on their behalf – especially for those hosting a vegan this year - it is very useful if they can identify a vegan product just with a quick glance at the packaging.

“Providing vegan options makes clear commercial sense for retailers, who can open up their market to a fast growing number of vegans worldwide.”

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