07/11/2016 07:53 GMT

Australian Burglar Shot In The Bum With Bow And Arrow While Trying To Steal Sydney Homeowner's Vehicle

Burglar confronted while reversing stolen vehicle out of man's garage.

Attempting to steal a vehicle in Australia really came back to bite one thief in the backside - after an angry homeowner shot him in the bum with a bow and arrow.

The burglar, who had already stolen cash, car keys and property from a Sydney house, was challenged by the homeowner while trying to steal his Nissan X-Trail in Wattle Grove around 5.20pm on Sunday. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the thief was reversing out of the garage when the 68-year-old owner confronted him with the weapon. 

Edward Langley via Getty Images
A homeowner in Sydney, Australia, shot a thief who attempted to steal his vehicle with a bow and arrow

The robber fled the vehicle and jumped a fence in an attempt to get away from the homeowner, but not before being shot in the buttocks, reports the BBC

The robber, whose injuries are unknown, then fled to a getaway car and left the scene. 

Police have seized the bow and arrow as evidence.

You do not require a licence or permit to own the weapon in New South Wales. 

Police are yet to comment on whether the homeowner is likely to face any charges.