This Author Makes A Strong Case For Buying Your Partner Flowers Every Week

"It takes a great deal of intentionality to love your partner the way they want to be loved."
LumiNola via Getty Images

Do you buy your partner flowers? How often? On special occasions? Maybe once a month? Or even weekly?

Author and artist Reyna Noriega recently recalled hearing this question asked by a psychology teacher – and the lesson delivered has struck a chord with people on Twitter.

In a thread that’s now been liked more than 32,000 times, Noriega asked why some people voluntarily get into relationships, but then “choose not to give their partners the things that make them feel loved and safe.”

She then recalled the time her teacher asked students about their flower-buying habits.

Some of the students raised their hands at the start, but quickly lowered them when the frequency ramped up – and the teacher noticed some scoffs.

The teacher apparently asked one student why he didn’t like the idea of buying flowers more regularly. The student replied: “I don’t want her to get used to it. Then she’ll expect it and when I don’t do it, it’ll be a problem.”

Noriega then recalled her teacher’s response...

Of course, it’s not really about the flowers. As some on Twitter have pointed out, not everyone has the funds to pay for a weekly bouquet. Nor should it be an expectation placed solely on men in heterosexual relationships – maybe your boyfriend would like a rose or two, you know?

Instead, Noriega uses flowers as an example of meeting your partner’s needs and questions why you’d enter into a relationship if you were not prepared to intentionally love them how they want to be loved.

In theory, their needs could be receiving love through flowers. But it could be a well-brewed cup of tea in the morning. Or better yet, how about consistently and consciously meeting their expectations for loyalty?

It comes down to love languages – and it seems this lesson has certainly resonated with people on Twitter.

So, maybe think about buying those flowers?