15 Unique Autumn-Inspired Names For Your New Bundle Of Joy

Expecting a little one between September and November? Check out these fall-inspired names.
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September is here, which means autumn is finally in full swing – and despite the unusually warmer weather we experienced at the start of the month, cosier days are coming.

If you’re expecting a baby in the next few months, you might choose to give them a name that denotes the time of year they were born.

Luckily for you, experts at Your Baby Club have provided a selection of the best autumn-inspired baby names to choose from.

1. Maple

The name Maple comes from English origin, and is a connotation for the maple tree, which boasts beautiful fall foliage. According to Nameberry, the name Maple also means “piece of cloth”.

2. Autumn

The name Autumn originates from the Latin word for ‘fall’ or ‘season of harvest’. it’s also the period of time between summer and winter when the leaves change to a spectacular array of colours, the temperatures start to drop and nights get shorter.

3. Hazel

Hazel is a soft name of English origin, deriving from the hazel tree, which transforms colours when the season shifts.

The name grew substantially in popularity around the early 2000s, and has remained a firm favourite since. Experts at Your Baby Club suggest we’re unlikely to see a decrease in popularity, as more people look for ‘vintage’ and unique baby names.

4. Forrest

Forrest is traditionally a boy’s name, which has both English and French origins. The name essentially means ‘of the woods’ or ‘dweller near the woods’.

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5. Rowan

Rowan is a gender-neutral name with both Irish and Scottish origins, which comes from the name Ruadhán, meaning ‘red-haired’. It also denotes the ‘rowan tree’ – a tree with red berries.

6. Hunter

Another woodsy, outdoors name is Hunter which means ‘someone who hunts’ or ‘pursuer’. The name has British origins, and was traditionally a surname given to hunters, but has since been popularised as a gender-neutral first name.

7. Bryn

The name Bryn is of Welsh origin and is a gender-neutral name inspired by nature, meaning ‘hill’ or ‘mound’. Sometimes it is spelt as Brynn.

8. Acer

Acer, also known as Japanese maple, is a type of tree whose leaves turn a beautiful red, yellow and burnt orange colour during the fall season. It brings connotations of warmth and brightness.

9. Phoenix

This unique name has Greek origins and means ‘dark red’, a colour typically associated with the changing of seasons, from summer to fall. The name also comes from a mythological bird, which is symbolic of rebirth and strength.

10. Saffron

Saffron is traditionally a female name, of Arabic origin, which means ‘Yellow Flower’. The Saffron crocus plant – also known as autumn crocus – blooms during the autumn season, and is known for its rich and spicy flavours.

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11. Russell

The name Russell comes from the French word ‘russel’, meaning ‘red-haired’ or ‘little red’. Rusty, or Russ are just two of the nicknames that Russell can be shortened to, both cute and fun.

12. Amber

Amber is a popular female name, which has both French and Arabic origins, meaning ‘jewel’ and ‘amber-coloured’. The colour amber is symbolic of the fallen leaves of autumn, a mid-way colour between yellow and orange, making the name a great choice for an autumn baby.

13. Aspen

The aspen is a tall tree that is native to North America, and often found in woodland – the tree is notorious for its light leaves that move with the slightest breeze. This gender-neutral name brings to mind a free-spirited child, who is full of energy and life.

14. Bowie

Bowie is creative, a little edgy, and has oodles of charm. The name is originally derived from Scottish origins, meaning ‘yellow-haired’ and ‘blonde’ fitting with the signs of the new season – from leaves changing colour to fruit falling and the warmth of the golden sun.

15. Zarina

Zarina has a beautiful meaning that aligns perfectly with fall. The name comes from the Persian word Zarin, which means ‘golden’. Since autumn is filled with golden hues, it’s a great fit for a little one born in September, October or November.