Avocado Hand And 13 More Embarrassingly Middle Class Problems

Hearing people mispronounce quinoa.

Let’s face it, life is really hard. Especially when there is a nationwide hummus crisis and have to eat your Kettle Chips dry, like some sort of savage.

As if that wasn’t bad enough your neighbour has stolen your Boden catalogue, and you have to holiday in the South of France rather than Tuscany this summer.

With problems like these, it’s no wonder we don’t all just go and drown our sorrows in a bottle of organic Prosecco.

Here are 14 of the most embarrassingly middle class problems.

1. Cutting your hand during avocado preparation.

2. Spilling beetroot quinoa on your Habitat rug.

3. Ruining your entire day by forgetting to order almond milk in your coffee.

4. Using Merlot instead of Shiraz in your beef bourguignon.

5. Being unable to book a table at your favourite brunch place.

6. Running out of truffle oil.

7. Having to go to the big supermarket because your local doesn’t stock rye bread.

8. Forgetting to put the Brita filter back in the fridge and drinking room temperature water.

9. Hating your pilates teacher.

10. Putting on a Scandinavian crime drama only to discover there are no subtitles.

11. Hiding from the gardener because you don’t want to make small talk.

12. Failing to have enough friends to fill your banquet dining table.

13. Making a G&T and realising you don’t have any rosemary salt.

14. Realising the whole street saw your Waitrose Essentials packaging in the recycling.

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