22/08/2017 15:56 BST

Solar Eclipse 2017: Mum Gave Birth To Baby During Eclipse And Chose A Very Fitting Name


A mum who gave birth to her baby during the solar eclipse decided to mark the occasion by giving her a very fitting name.

On Monday 21 August, Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina, US, shared a photo of new mum Freedom Eubanks holding her newborn baby.

“Meet Eclipse! She was born at 8:04 am at Greenville Memorial Hospital,” they shared on Facebook.

“She’s six pounds, three ounces and 19 inches long.”

The hospital explained that the mum and dad made a last-minute decision to name their little girl Eclipse when she was born.

And Eubanks said the whole experience was very surreal.

“It kind of still feels like it’s not real,” the new mum told CNN affiliate WHNS. “It all hit me at once.”

Eclipse’s dad, Michael Eubanks, added: “Wow, my child is born on something that happens every so many years. It’s extremely rare.” 

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