Gender-Neutral Baby Names: Eight Unisex Monikers To Inspire Your Baby-Naming Discussions

From Addison to Arlo.

Gender-neutral baby names keep cropping up in the news after a baby-naming website named this trend as one of the hottest in 2017.

Nameberry previously looked at which names got the most increased page views from January 2016 to January 2017 and found that gender-neutral names were on the rise.

The top four trending unisex names at the beginning of the year were Quincy, Remi, Winter and Ellis.

And now, Nameberry has noted more names hitting headlines and among celebrity parents that could be for boys and girls.

“Some of them are more popular for boys, others for girls, and some are so rare they could go either way,” they wrote on the gender-neutral name blog.

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Here are 8 of our favourite gender-neutral baby names from the latest Nameberry list:

1. Daye - recognise this name? Jennifer Metcalfe recently revealed she’d named her son Daye Colmic Lake. She said she’d made the name up.

“I made it up on my way up to Newcastle about two years ago,” she told OK! magazine. “We weren’t trying for a baby – we never really spoke about kids until we really wanted him – I stored the name until then.”

2. Sonny

3. Addison

4. Parker

5. Louie

6. Arlo

7. Dalton

8. Jaymison

See the full list of gender neutral names here.

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