Baby Thinks His Face Is On His Nappy Packaging And Now He Won't Leave It Alone

All the feels.

A 16-month-old boy found his doppelgänger in the most unlikely place: on a pack of nappies.

According to the boy's mum, Rose Bennett from Florida, the pair (yes, the nappy packet and her son) have now become inseparable.

Bennett shared a photo of her son looking at the picture on the nappies and, we have to give it to him, they do look pretty similar.

"Ben thinks this is him and won't let go of the diapers," the 21-year-old mother tweeted on 24 June.

Bennett said she had bought a different pack of nappies at the supermarket because they didn't have her son's usual size.

Ben not only noticed she'd brought a different bag, he also looked at the boy on it and shouted: "Ben!", according to BuzzFeed News.

She said although she did try to explain to Ben the boy in the picture wasn't him, he refused to believe it.

The mother's original tweet was retweeted more than 12,000 times in four days and liked 23,000 times.

And Ben has certainly caught the hearts of Twitter users.