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Does Your Baby Have A Rash? How To Know When You Should Take Them To A Doctor

Do you know the two categories of baby rashes?

There are several reasons why your baby may come out in a rash. 

Paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels explains these rashes will fall into one of two categories: Non-blanching and blanching rashes.

A blanching rash disappears when you press it with a glass. A non-blanching rash will not disappear when you press it. 

“If your baby has a rash somewhere on the body and when you roll a glass over it, it’s still there, you need to see your doctor,” Shiels explained. 

“You may also see a baby gets small spots on their cheeks when coughing a lot, due to small blood vessels bursting. These won’t disappear with a glass either. It’s best to still go and see a doctor, as it’s important to rule out more serious causes like sepsis.”

Blanching rashes could be a response to a viral infection because, unlike adults, babies can get rashes due to coughs and colds. These will usually disappear when your baby is feeling better. 

Dr Shiels said when deciding whether to contact a doctor urgently, always bear in mind not just what the rash looks like, but how your baby is acting too. Watch the five-minute video above to find out more. 

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