17 Funny Tweets That Sum Up How Parents Feel About 'Baby Shark'

"What level of parenting have you reached when you actually LIKE Baby Shark?"

Now that it’s cracked a ‘Hot 100’ chart, there’s no doubt the children’s song “Baby Shark” has become somewhat of a phenomenon. And parents know the wrath of the addictive tune all too well.

The origins of the repetitive song aren’t certain, but many people have said they learned different versions of it years ago as a kid at summer camp or a similar outing. Today, little ones can find it on YouTube, thanks to children’s education brand Pinkfong, which is part of entertainment company SmartStudy, based in Seoul, South Korea. Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark Dance” video has racked up more than 2 billion views since it was posted in 2016.

The funny parents of Twitter, of course, have weighed in on the viral song, sharing their questions of how in the world their kids can listen to it over and over again and sometimes even admitting they love the song as much as their little ones.

Check out their hilarious tweets about “Baby Shark” below.