10 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Your Child's First Week Back At School

Guess whose kids were late...

That’s it, the summer holidays are officially over.

Pack up the Lego and buy a new pencil case, because September is upon us and a whole new year of homework and soggy packed lunches awaits.

But before we get back into the school routine, we’re all just trying to navigate the first week...

Was our alarm really always this early?

1. Sunday Night

2. Waking Up On Monday

3. Calendar Fuck-Ups

4. Getting Them Dressed

5. Standard Uniform Photograph

6. Leaving The House On Time

7. The Tears Of Newbies V Parents Of Older Kids

8. Meeting The New Teacher

9. Quickly Remembering How Much You Love Them Being Out Of The House

10. Picking Them Up From School