Back to School

Operation: School Run....Events occur in REAL TIME

Katy Wright | Posted 21.03.2015 | UK
Katy Wright

Operation 'Find the shoes' commences. Mum says 'Where are your shoes?'. Kid 1 replies ' I dunno. I dunno'. Kid 2 does not respond. His face is pressed up against the flat screen TV causing snot to smear across the front of his idol, Peppa Pig.

An Alternative Results Day

Emily Clark | Posted 25.12.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Emily Clark

A change in focus. A change in priorities. A change in what matters most. Something I've experienced and heard so much in the past few months. Cancer really has a way of throwing everything up in the air, with it landing in different places than thrown.

Which Secondary School? Ten Pointers from a Teacher for Making a Smart Choice

Kester Brewin | Posted 15.11.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Kester Brewin

My son is in Year 6, so my diary for the next few weeks is full to bursting with open mornings, open days and open evenings for the local schools we're looking at. It's a huge decision to be making, especially if this is your first child to reach secondary age - one that could impact their life (and yours) quite significantly.

Back to the School Run: Five Tips to Stay Relaxed

Sigrid Daniel | Posted 04.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Sigrid Daniel

You have been full of resolutions about this new school year - homework will be done on time, clothes will be laid out the night before, you will never, ever shout before 8.00am. So guess what? You have committed all the cardinal sins of school run management by the time the first week is up. Here are the tried and tested top 5 tips to keep you up and running during term time.

Why for Many Going Back to School Is the Worst Day of the Year

BritChick Paris | Posted 01.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
BritChick Paris

Leaving my parents and the comfort of my home was the first wrench. Entering the playground felt more like walking into a battlefield. Seeing the different groups, the popular, the pretty, the sporty and then finally the geeks - where I usually ended up. The next obstacle was walking into class and praying someone would sit next to me.

Play School!

Lyndsey Whiteside | Posted 28.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Lyndsey Whiteside

I love September. It's the ultimate start afresh, get-a-new-pencil-case time of year for me; much more inviting than the stern face of January. It's more of a friendly nudge to roll up our sleeves and get on with all the things we'd promise we'd achieve, those self-set expectations and anything that's been idling on our 'to do' list for the past year or in my case, years.

Changing the Face of Back to School Advertising

Hayley Goleniowska | Posted 28.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Hayley Goleniowska

Gone are the notions, in this country at least, of individuals with Trisomy 21, as it is also known, not being worthy of lovely clothes, of having to wear hard-wearing institution garments, of shameful regulation haircuts, of being 'put away and forgotten' as they were segregated from society in institutions.

The Day My Two-Year-Old Escaped From Nursery

Sarah Tetteh | Posted 27.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Tetteh

Never more have the words keep calm and don't panic been more poignant. Just how did a two-year-old manage to outwit a team of ten grown ups to make a bolt for the front gate?

Back to School: First Day Gremlins

Jacqueline Koay | Posted 26.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Jacqueline Koay

I have five children. Georgina ("G") is the youngest. She is 14. And she is the one causing grey hairs to sprout abundantly from my scalp, if old wives' tale about correlation between lack of follicular colour and stress is to be believed.

10,000 Hours or 10,000 friends? Eight Perspectives on Talent in the Music Industry

Jonathan Schifferes | Posted 15.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Jonathan Schifferes

It's about time we reconsidered what we mean by talent: how it is defined, who gets identified as talented, and how they are developed, recognised and rewarded. Is talent the product of 10,000 hours of devoted practice, or the reward of 10,000 followers?

Autism: The Return to School After the Christmas Break

Jo Worgan | Posted 08.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Jo Worgan

This week signals the end of the Christmas holidays and the return to school. I love having my children home for the holidays but I absolutely dread the return to school. For my youngest son who is on the autistic spectrum this total change in routine is very upsetting for him and you can visibly see his anxiety levels rising.

School Uniform Rules

Katie Hopkins | Posted 16.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Katie Hopkins

School uniforms instil a sense of discipline into the school day. They are an efficient eliminator of choice. A school uniform is a vital part of respecting one's school and the start of a more disciplined approach to learning.

Scared of the School Gate?

Anita Naik | Posted 11.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Anita Naik

As you take it all in I've no doubt that, like me, you'll wish you could run to the nearest coffee shop and hide from these parents who you just don't want to know. But here comes the next's time to make friends.

Back to School - Tips on Getting Children Eating Breakfasts

Sian Breslin | Posted 02.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sian Breslin

This blog post is not a rant on obesity. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to share some tips on what you as a parent can do your part to improve the situation. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why then, does the report show that almost half (47%) of boys and over a third (36%) of girls aged 13 go skip breakfast?

Back To School: A Parent's Guide to the Playground

Leigh Clark | Posted 01.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Leigh Clark

I hate school. I'm 37 years old but have to go to school twice a day to take/collect my children. The playground contains my two least favourite things in the world en masse; parents and other people's children. 

A Parent's Guide to Back to School Without Breaking the Bank

Matt Leeser | Posted 28.10.2013 | UK Tech
Matt Leeser

Few of are surprised by the fact that the cost of the contents of children's school bags has increased. We're all accustomed to seeing kids on their way to school carrying smart phones, high-tech headphones and even tablets.

Back to School - Make the Lunches Some Fun at Least

Sian Breslin | Posted 19.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sian Breslin

Lunch should contain one of the below and at least one piece of fruit or veggie stick, a drink of unsweetened fruit juice or water and a piece of low fat cheese, yoghurt, probiotic drink, or simply a glass of milk...I have put together some easy lunches and snack options for you to try.

Garage Days (Not) Revisited

Daley James Francis | Posted 02.07.2013 | UK Comedy
Daley James Francis

Recently, my girlfriend and I have been discussing moving to a house that has a garage. I'm 32 years of age and the last time I drove a car was in 1998, when I failed my test for the third and final time. In between fails two and three, my test was cancelled three times in a row.

Out of the Refugee Camp, But Out of School Too

Wendy Bruere | Posted 25.08.2013 | UK
Wendy Bruere

Hadija, 12, and her younger siblings are fast becoming part of Syria's lost generation. Hadija has been out of school for over a year and has forgotten how to read. When I asked her if she could read, she said yes. But when she looked at the words on the back of a bottle, she realized she could no longer make out the letters.

Nostalgia - Is It Really What It Used to Be?

Caragh Little | Posted 05.07.2013 | UK
Caragh Little

'What a good place to be / Don't believe it / 'cause they speak a different language /And it's never really happened to me...' Later in the week, if ...

Teaching Children With Dyslexia

Alex Dyer | Posted 17.03.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Alex Dyer

Unfortunately, the label of 'being dyslexic' is often been seen as a negative one. One which can produce upset, limitations and hurdles to a student. However, with the right training, teaching and encouragement it can also produce strengths, talents and creative gifts.

'She May Look Like A Doll, But She's Made Of Strong Stuff'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK

It was a big day or all primary school children - and an even bigger one for Charlotte Garside, Britain's smallest schoolgirl. The five-year-old is...

Learning a Foreign Language: Becoming a Proficient Speaker

Elena Barbiero | Posted 22.11.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Elena Barbiero

How do we learn a foreign language? First and foremost, adults learn languages in a radically different way from children: neurologically speaking, the information acquired is 'stored' in different places in the brain.

Does Back to School Equal Back to Bullying?

Carol Long | Posted 13.11.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Carol Long

If you're a parent whose child has just completed their first weeks at secondary school, your son or daughter is beginning a journey through one of the most formative periods of their life.

Toileting Accidents at School

Eileen Jacques | Posted 09.11.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Eileen Jacques

There is no doubt that the parents of children who have wetting or soiling problems know the public perception of these problems and much of their fear is of being tarred with the 'bad parent' brush by other parents and teachers.