'Baking Powder Gender Test' In Pregnancy: Mums Debate Whether It Really Works

Have you tried it?

A group of mums have discussed whether or not the “baking powder test” to determine the gender of a baby really works.

The topic was posted on Facebook group ‘Mums Advice’, with a description claiming that urine added to baking powder will fizz if a woman is expecting a boy, but have no reaction if she is expecting a girl.

“I’ve done this before and it didn’t fizz, then I found out I was having a girl,” one person wrote.

“My sister also did it and it was fizzing, two weeks later she found out she was expecting a boy, so it does work.”

The Facebook post, shared on Thursday 1 September, was shared more than 1,000 times and received more than 500 comments within six days.

Some mums agreed the test worked for them, but others weren’t sure whether it was just a coincidence.

One mum said the test is simply an “old wives’ tale” and doesn’t work.

“It’s just how your urine reacts with baking powder,” she wrote. “Pee and baking powder can’t predict your child’s gender.”

Another agreed, adding: “It would fizz either way as the acid in your urine would cause a reaction in the baking soda.

“Plain water would cause a reaction with baking soda and it would fizz, so sorry ladies, but this is most definitely an old wives’ tale.”

Dr Helen Webberley, GP for www.oxfordonlinepharmacy.co.uk, told The Huffington Post UK her verdict on the test:

“There is no scientific reason as to why this test should work,” she said.

“It is not something that people should rely on to determine the sex of their baby.”

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