17/02/2017 08:38 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 13:09 GMT

15 Fantasy Band Names Inspired By Donald Trump

Yes, American Carnage is in there.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

A band in need of a name? Here are some ideas generated by Donald Trump’s presidency, including a suggestion on how they might sound ...

  • The Low-Life Leakers
    Libertines-influenced mid-2000s also-rans.
  • Punching Nazis
    Punching Nazis
    Trash metal five-piece notable for boasting two drummers.
  • Wall Of Meat
    Wall Of Meat
    Fox News
    Inexplicably popular mainstream rock.
  • Bad Hombres
    Tequila bar house band.
  • Soft Sensuality
    Soft Sensuality
    Buzzfeed News
    Soul revivalists behind 2017 breakthrough album, 'Poetic Cadence'.
  • Geneva Conventions
    Geneva Conventions
    Grandiose, sweeping electro to break your heart.
  • A Rush Of Bad Dudes
    Kid Rock-led hard-drinking super-group.
  • American Carnage
    Washington Post
    Hardcore punk in the tradition of Fugazi.
  • Trump, A Bible And A Selfie Stick
    Brooding dubstep from south London.
  • Flagrant Toxic Narcissist
    Anthemic indie last heard soundtracking on-trend TV series.
  • National Day Of Patriotic Devotion
    National Day Of Patriotic Devotion
    Southern rock Lynyrd Skynyrd wannabes.
  • Virus Of Misogyny
    Virus Of Misogyny
    HuffPost UK
    Politically aware hip-hop.
  • Rubio And The Moral Compromises
    Intelligent, jaunty pop.
  • Worse Than Prostitutes
    Witless post-grunge.
  • Ripped Out Babies
    Ripped Out Babies
    Ear-bleed punk.