'Bandersnatch': These Funny Tweets Sum Up The Stress Everyone Feels Watching The New 'Black Mirror'

It's been out for three days so we're going to assume you've seen it. Yes, there are lots of spoilers here.

A Choose-Your-Own Adventure ‘Black Mirror’ was always going to be many things.

Game-changing? Check. Absolutely amazing? Yup. Chock full of easter eggs? Of course.

It was also always going to be incredibly stressful.

After months of rumours, ‘Bandersnatch’ dropped on Netflix on Friday and fans have been poring over every scene (well, the ones they’ve managed to “unlock” anyway) since.

And obviously, this means tweeting their thoughts too. Here are the funniest posts that sum up what it’s like to watch the film...

It all starts quite simple

“Ok,” some people foolishly think. “Maybe this won’t end in disaster?”

Longtime fans know better though, which means...

Even the cereal choice can be incredibly nerve-wracking

As things intensify, there’s a strong temptation to be deliberately awful

Choosing the wrong option and having to go back happens a lot

Especially if you’re deliberately trying to cause some chaos.

There’s no shortage of gasp-worthy moments

We honestly expected to see Stefan and his dad trying to bond over a nice roast dinner. More fool us, to be honest.

Following Colin leads to a seriously intense half hour and a HUGE choice

Things in ‘Bandersnatch’ often escalate incredibly quickly

No really, it escalates

Trying to keep track of your decisions becomes impossible

The fight with the therapist is a LOT

And the Netflix ending is genius

But then some of the options aren’t all that different. Which has left many people asking the same question...

Wait, are we actually in control?

We need a lay down... and then it’s time to watch it again.


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