Barack Obama Just Trolled Donald Trump And The Rest Of The Birthers


Former President Barack Obama cracked a joke on Tuesday night at the expense of President Donald Trump and other conspiracy theorists who claimed he wasn’t born in the United States.

“The reason I’m so excited to see you all here today in part is because this is where I started,” Obama said at the first Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago where he worked as a community organizer in the 1980s.

“Now, this isn’t where I was born, I was born in Kenya,” he said to laughs, then added: “That’s a joke.”

Obama was actually born in Hawaii in 1961 and has released both his “short-form” and “long-form” birth certificates to prove it. Two Honolulu newspapers also printed birth announcements at the time.

After pushing the birther conspiracy theory for years, Trump eventually admitted that Obama was indeed born in the United States. However, he has never apologized for spreading that falsehood.

See Obama’s full comments above.

(h/t The Hill)


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