Barry Keoghan Answers Everyone's 1 Big Question About His Saltburn Nude Scene

"After take one, I was ready to go..."
Barry Keoghan
Barry Keoghan
Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Between the grave-humping, the plug-sucking and all kinds of dastardly deeds, there’s plenty going on in Saltburn that makes it far-from-ideal family viewing (apols for anyone who discovered this a little too late during their recent festive celebrations).

After all of that, the film ends with a sequence in which Barry Keoghan’s character dances nude around the manor to the tune of the Sophie Ellis-Bextor classic Murder On The Dance Floor.

And to put any speculation to bed, the Oscar nominee has confirmed it’s all him in the scene.

He told Entertainment Weekly last month: “It totally felt right. It’s ownership. This is my place.

“It’s full confidence in, ‘I can do what I want in this manor. I can strip to my barest and waltz around because this is mine.’ Yeah... it was fun.”

While the Irish actor was initially “a bit, ehhh” (his words) about appearing naked on screen, “after take one, I was ready to go”.

That’s just as well, because he apparently needed to do the routine 11 times in total.

He continued: “I was like, ‘Let’s go again. Let’s go again.’ You kind of forget, because there’s such a comfortable environment created, and it gives you that license to go, ‘All right, this is about the story now.’”

“I didn’t know I could dance like that, by the way,” he added. “I was like, ‘Wow. Where did them things come from?’”

While Barry may have ultimately been happy to bare all in Saltburn, some of his acting peers have taken different approaches during recent nude scenes.

The second season of The White Lotus saw Theo James sporting a prostheses on screen when his character got naked, as did Sex And The City favourite Evan Handler in spin-off And Just Like That.


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