Oh Great, The Cost Of A Hot Bath Could Top £1023 A Year In 2023

That evening dose of self-care is actually the most expensive use of water in your home.
Guess we'll have a quick shower...
primeimages via Getty Images
Guess we'll have a quick shower...

In today’s edition of “wow, we really can’t have anything nice”, new research from Yorkshire Water has revealed that taking a hot bath in 2023 could cost you almost 90% more than last year.

Taking three dips in your tub a week will cost you a whopping £1,023.36 per year – while in 2022 this cost almost half of this at £542.88.

The company explained that although water rates have stayed the same, the cost of using it – and heating it – has soared in price due to gas and electricity prices rocketing.

And if you think opting for a shower is the answer, unfortunately there isn’t great news from Yorkshire Water on that front either.

Although far cheaper than running a hot bath, the research shows that showering will cost £301.60 in 2023, an increase from £256 in 2022.

Instead of having several soaks in the bath every week, Yorkshire Water instead advise taking five showers a week and halving your usual amount of time spent having a shower.

Yorkshire Water spokesperson Emily Brady said: “Managing water use in the home is a great way to keep bills down. The environmental benefits to saving water are well known, but there are also great cost savings to reducing your usage — especially when heating water.

“Our findings clearly show you can make a difference to how much you spend. If each household could make a few small changes, they could save a fortune annually.”