Claire Danes Is The Only Halloween Costume You Need As Baz Luhrmann's Romeo And Juliet Turns Twenty

'I never saw true beauty till this night.'💔

The film that confirmed Leo is actually the most fanciable man on earth (come hang out under our balcony any time) is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

That’s right, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, has been around for a whole two decades and we are officially so damn old.

So in honour of Shakespeare’s greatest love story, we’re taking inspiration for the most original Halloween costumes around.

Balcony Juliet

Angel wings and angelic disposition are essential. If you can get the balcony and an adoring Leonardo DiCaprio then you go girl.

Fish Tank Romeo

You will need to get the tweezers out because eyebrows are a major component of this costume. Then put a fish tank on your head and hold your breath.

Sad Romeo

If for one minute you can take your eyes off how beautiful a young sobbing Leo is, then you’ll realise a Hawaiian shirt is essential. You might also want to try channeling Aaron Carter in the hair department.


If you fancy going for a slightly less obvious option, Tybalt is a prime choice as the number one wingman. Jesus vest is an absolute must, as is the Saint Laurent inspired belt situation. Gun optional.


If you believe that Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear as little clothing as possible, then ditch the slutty black cat this year and opt for Mercutio’s party outfit. Gems, bra, and hot pants at the ready.

Count Paris

Why anyone would choose to go as the jilted Count Paris is beyond us, but because Paul Rudd in an astronaut’s suit is too good to miss, humour us by considering it as an option. Then next year you can go as Tim Peake, value for money.

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