BBC Election Debate 2017: House Of Cards Trolls Theresa May On Twitter


Theresa May’s no-show at the BBC Debate became a bigger story once Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dramatically announced on Wednesday morning he would be taking part.

It left Amber Rudd, the Conservative Party minister, to face-off with the leaders of most of the main national parties, and suggestions the Prime Minister was running scared.

In his opening statement, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron wasted no time, asking where Theresa May is and suggesting she might be “outside, sizing up your house to pay for your social care”.

It sent social media wild ...

And summed up the mood of the night ...

But it was the hit US TV show, House of Cards, that dropped the mic ...

“Theresa May, they respect you more when you show strength. Or show up,” the show’s official Twitter feed wrote, replete with a formidable Frank Underwood as US President striding in to shot. Burn, as they say.


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