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After 18 years in his current role, the Welsh presenter is feeling unsure about his future with the BBC.
The presenter later took to Twitter to reveal exactly what had caused the confusing moment.
Huw Edwards issued an apology after a reporter mistakenly referred to the former US president during a report on Cosby.
Shaun Ley teamed his suit and tie with something a little more casual.
"That was the Queen with her life-saving badge on her swimsuit, but I didn’t have time to tell you."
The long-serving presenter has stepped down from BBC News after almost 18 years.
His often wry takes on world events have been known to end up making the news themselves.
"They said they would do this to me and they have," the presenter lamented.
The presenter is leaving the Beeb after 18 years. We're really going to miss his unique take on world events.