BBC News

Many viewers voiced the opinion BBC News should have ‚Äúfocused more on the Illegal Migration Bill and criticism it has received‚ÄĚ than Lineker's views on it.
The Irish actor has landed his first Academy Award nomination for his role in the drama Aftersun.
The journalist leaves the broadcaster as its international and domestic news channels are merged.
The broadcaster was reacting to a report about the race for Christmas number one, which involves Mariah and LadBaby.
Economists calculated that Liz Truss’s mini-budget exacerbated the problem to the tune of £30 billion.
The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Chief Rabbi were among those that complained about the broadcaster’s coverage.
The broadcaster said there was ‚Äėinsufficient counter and challenge‚Äô to some of the opinions expressed by guests on the programme.
Broadcaster Martine Croxall was accused of bias after asking if she was "allowed to be this gleeful" shortly after the former PM's announcement.
The newsreader said he was missing his colleagues at the BBC.