BBC Confuses Eurovision Superfan For Finnish Entrant In Hilarious On-Air Blunder

Will the real Käärijä please stand up?
Käärijä at the London Eurovision Party last month
Käärijä at the London Eurovision Party last month
Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

Finnish Eurovision entrant Käärijä is one of this year’s most recognisable contestants thanks to his distinct fashion sense, provocative on-stage routine and unique look.

Or, at least, so we thought.

You see, BBC News had a bit of a case of mistaken identity earlier this week, when they thought they’d spotted the Cha Cha Cha singer celebrating as part of the Eurovision festivities in Liverpool.

As part of a montage of Eurovision devotees predicting big success for Finland at this year’s contest, a reporter teased that they’d “even managed to catch up with the main man himself”, while an on-screen strapline read: “Käärijä – Finland entrant.”

It turns out, though, it was actually just a very excited fan, who was sporting a somewhat convincing replica of the Finnish star’s stage outfit.

“[It’s been] incredible,” the fan enthused. “In comparison with all the other [Eurovision Song Contests] that I have been to, this is better organised.”

He added: “It’s just so friendly. Everything is just so easy around here. It’s incredible.”

The on-screen blunder raised a big smile among Eurovision fans online:

Meanwhile, the real Käärijä was a stand-out performer when this year’s Eurovision semi-finals got underway on Tuesday night.

A total of 15 acts performed in the live show, with 10 making it through to the next stage of the competition, including Käärijä.

On Thursday, 16 more will compete for the remaining 10 spots in the final, which will then air live on Saturday night on BBC One.


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