BBC EU Referendum TV Debate Audience Descend Into 'Jeremy Kyle' Show 'Slanging Match'

A BBC News live TV EU referendum debate descended into a shouting match on Monday morning, but it was the audience not the politicians doing the yelling.

The 'Leave' and 'Remain' sides of the audience repeatedly heckled each other and presenter Victoria Derbyshire ended up having to apologise.

Yvette Cooper, the former Labour leadership candidate who is campaigning for a 'Remain' vote, was shouted at to "tell the truth". She was also booed by some members of the audience when she was introduced.

In one angry exchange, one pro-EU audience member told a man supporting Brexit: "You don’t know what you’re talking about."

One viewer sent a message to the programme to say "I tuned in thinking I was watching the Jeremy Kyle show".

One woman in the audience stood to tell the crowd she was "appalled" at their behaviour. "Its a slanging match, everybody is just shouting each other down."

Derbyshire told her: "I am sorry about that."

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