BBC Issues Response After Viewers' 1 Major Gripe With New Drama Boiling Point

Stephen Graham's new drama has had positive reviews, although many viewers all experienced the same issue.
The cast of Boiling Point
The cast of Boiling Point
Alex Telfer/Kevin Baker/BBC / Boiling Point TV Limited

The BBC has responded to complaints from a wave of viewers about the first episode of Boiling Point.

Stephen Graham’s new drama, based on the Bafta-nominated film of the same name, launched on Sunday night, picking up six months after the events of the original movie.

While the TV follow-up has largely been praised by critics, many viewers pointed to one issue relating to its sound quality, which was picked up on by a number of UK media outlets.

Since then, the BBC has issued a response, acknowledging the “limited sound issue which has affected some viewers”.

“The series is currently being reviewed and any necessary technical adjustments needed will be made ahead of next week’s episode,” a spokesperson told The Telegraph.

It was also pointed out by the BBC that viewers watching on iPlayer did not experience the sound issues in question.

Vinette Robinson as Carly in Boiling Point
Vinette Robinson as Carly in Boiling Point
BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited/Kevin Baker

The four-part TV adaptation of Boiling Point sees Stephen Graham returning as chef Andy, with his former colleague Carly, played by Vinette Robinson, now head of her own restaurant.

Boiling Point also sees the return of Hannah Walters as Emily, Ray Panthaki as Freeman, Izuka Hoyle as Camille and Áine Rose Daly as Robyn.

The show was produced by Stephen Graham’s own production company, and during an interview with Graham Norton last week, he hailed Boiling Point as “one of the finest things I have been [a] part of”.

He also spoke of the importance of highlighting under-represented actors in his work, explaining: “There is not enough working-class drama on our screens and with our own production company we’re in a position to make that happen.”

Stephen added: “This time I am not front and centre because we wanted to give others their moment in the sun.”

Boiling Point continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One.


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