Bear Grylls' 'Opportunity Clock' Idea Has Already Been Written Off As A Waste Of Time

"Sorry I'm late for work my opportunity clock didn't go off."
Bear Grylls
Victoria Jones - PA Images via Getty Images
Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has revealed that he calls his alarm the “opportunity clock”, but no-one has time for this suggestion right now.

The British adventurer, known for pushing his own mental and physical limits through survival challenges, has revealed how he beats the morning blues – but we’re not sure anyone will be adopting this idea just yet.

He told the BBC Two series, ’Louis Theroux interviews...′ that (before having a freezing cold shower at “full cold to get that blast”) he tries to start the day with a boost by avoiding using the word alarm to describe the first object he encounters when he wakes up.

He explained: “My family takes the mick out of me a lot for the ‘opportunity clock’, but it is important. How we speak to each other and ourselves is important.

“Words have power. It’s a choice to speak kindly and positively.”

And while positive language is always good for your self-esteem, this proposal really hasn’t struck a chord with Twitter users.

Many shared fascinating insights into their (turbulent) relationships with their “opportunity clocks” as they mocked Grylls’ suggestion.

Some joked that it was just misleading to rename your alarm like that...

...while others recalled another famous figure’s divisive advice on time management.

Former Love Island star Molly Mae urged the public to be more proactive by claiming, “we all have the same 24 hours in a day”, a remark which was later dragged on social media and which the influencer apologised for.

It also reminded others of the professional social media platform LinkedIn. Need we say more?

Former deputy PM Nick Clegg even got a shoutout, having previously vowed to speak up for “alarm clock Britain” back in 2011. This supposedly referred to those on middle and low incomes, but there was often debate about just which demographic Clegg was speaking to at the time.

But perhaps this simple Derry Girls’ meme of Sister Michael describes the general response best.