Hilarious Video Calls Out The Gendered Marketing Of Beauty Products 'For Men'

Didn't you know? Men don't like light colours.

From a very young age, girls become used to seeing pink-versions of products “made especially for them”, but it’s not just women who are impacted by gendered marketing.

Lucky Turner, 22, from Virginia, US, is being praised on Twitter for creating a hilarious video about the way skincare and beauty products “for men” are packaged.

“How about you’d like some Palmer’s cocoa butter?” he asks. “Let’s get some for men in the darker colour.

“Maybe you just prefer that Nivea and you just happen to identify as a male... get it for men in a darker colour. That’s right, because men don’t like purple.”

From a quick browse of beauty products, Turner learns the assumption that men don’t like green, purple or orange is widespread.

Turner told Buzzfeed the response his video has been largely positive, although some viewers missed the point he was trying to make.

“Some tried to point out that the reason behind the difference was because men and women had different skin types, which didn’t make sense to me since it is irrelevant to what the video was about,” he said.

“However, I will say that the majority of people got the point, laughed, and moved on with their lives, so that was nice.”

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