People Are Only Just Realising Who Is Narrating David Beckham's Netflix Documentary

I mean, wasn't it obvious?
Netflix's 'Beckham' UK Premiere
Netflix's 'Beckham' UK Premiere
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Beckham has delivered a number of talking points since it debuted on Netflix last week – but it seems there’s something about it people are only just realising.

The four-part documentary series examines the highs and lows of David Beckham’s career, how it impacted his marriage and his children, and even offers a rare insight to the Beckhams’ home life.

Naturally, it features contributions from a huge list of household names such as Gary Neville, Sir Alex Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand and of course, his wife of 24 years, Victoria Beckham.

However, one thing that seems to have really surprised many people on X (formerly known as Twitter) is that the show was directed and narrated by Fisher Stevens.

Yes, that’s Hugo from Succession.

Who is Fisher Stevens?

Feel like you know his face but can’t quite place where from? Well, he does have a huge acting career behind him.

Most recently, you’re likely to remember him as Hugo Baker, communications executive at Waystar Royco in Succession, but he has also starred in Wes Anderson’s cult favourite films Asteroid City, The French Dispatch, Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle Of Dogs.

For the most fastidious sitcom fans, you might even remember him as the therapist Roger in the episode The One With The Boobies where his character chronically overanalyses the friend group.

Leonardo DiCaprio encouraged Stevens to direct documentary

Speaking to The Guardian, Stevens revealed that it was actually Leonardo DiCaprio that was behind him taking on the Beckham documentary saying: ”David was hanging out with Leo, and asked him who he should get [to make the documentary series],”

“He recommended me! David watched Before the Flood then Palmer [an Apple TV drama] that I directed and saw something he liked – the emotion I guess.”

And how glad we are that he took it on.

Beckham is available to stream on Netflix now.


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