31/03/2016 10:22 BST

Ben Cohen Finalises Divorce From Ex-Wife Abby As She Says, ‘If It Wasn’t For Kristina Rihanoff, We’d Still Be Married’

'I don’t want to talk about being the ditched wife.'

Ben Cohen has finalised his divorce from the wife he left for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional dancer, Kristina Rihanoff.

His ex, Abby Blayney, who he was married to for 13 years, took aim at Kristina after confirming her marriage to the former rugby star was officially over.

David Rogers via Getty Images
Ben and Abby in happier times.

“I’m Ben Cohen’s ex-wife,” she said. “If it wasn’t for that woman me and Ben would still be married. But so what? I’m moving on.

“I don’t want to talk about being the ditched wife. Ben’s getting on with his life. I wish him well with his new family.”

Ben and Kristina are awaiting the arrival of their first child together, due in three months.

The 38-year-old Russian dancer revealed she was pregnant whilst in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house earlier this year, to Abby’s ‘total shock’.

Karwai Tang via Getty Images
Ben and Kristina are expecting their first child together.

Kristina, who was partnered with Ben on the 2014 series of ‘Strictly’, has always maintained that her relationship with the former England rugby player didn’t start until his marriage was over.

She later said: “I don’t know why I’m always attacked.”

A source close to Abby told The Mirror: “She’ll have to be linked to Kristina though family connections with the new baby being half-brother or sister to her twins.

"Ben and Abby have finally agreed to a financial settlement, which hasn’t been without any argument.”

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