Spreadable Gin And 8 Other Gin-Ventions We're Thankful For

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We’re a nation obsessed with gin, so what better way to celebrate our love affair than by charting the best ginventions to ever exist?

From espresso gin (2018′s answer to the espresso martini) to Glasgow’s gin spa, we have much to be thankful for. Here’s to a new year and hopefully many more gin-themed creations.

Spreadable gin


Gin has officially branched out. The best way to devour it is now on toast in the form of gin and tonic marmalade. As seller Firebox puts it: “Spread it, drink it, bake with it, or gobble it straight out of the jar.” (We’d opt for the latter.)

The gin is cooked off during marmalade production meaning you won’t be left with a hangover. Winner.

Espresso gin

Master of Malt / HuffPost UK

Gin + coffee = the absolute dream. This bottle costs £34.95 from Master of Malt and features notes of roasted coffee beans, alongside hints of vanilla, lime, black pepper and juniper. Your espresso martinis will never be the same again.

Gin and tonic in a can


The best thing to happen to the Great British picnic since, well, sliced bread. Gin and tonic in a (250ml) can removes the need to carry a litre bottle of Hendrick’s around with you, which we’ll be eternally grateful for. One can costs £1.80 from Tesco or you can opt for a multipack.

Gin baubles

Pickerings Gin

Christmas might be a distant memory but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped daydreaming about gin baubles which, in our opinion, should be an all-year affair. Look how pretty they are.

Gin candles

Not On The High Street

For those who want the full sensory experience some genius only went and invented gin and tonic candles so your home can smell of G+Ts while you sip one. Brilliant. The one above costs £9.95 from Not On The High Street.

G+T ice lollies


Gin and tonic ice lollies (£2.99 for four) were an absolute game-changer last summer. We’re very much hoping they’ll make a return to frozen aisles everywhere this year. BBQ season would be lost without them.

Hot gin

Makidotvn via Getty Images

It’s not enough for people to love cold gin. Hot gin is officially a thing too. Hot gin cocktails are actually better news all-round because heating gin accentuates the flavours. Find out more about the magic of hot gin and how to make it here.

Sloe gin


We’d be lying if we said sloe gin wasn’t delicious. In actual fact, it’s berry nice... The sweet treat is the key ingredient behind hot sloe gin cocktails (a winter favourite) and sloe gin mince tarts (Aldi, please bring them back), we can’t wait to see what else it’s fashioned into.

Gin spa

PeopleImages via Getty Images

When news of a gin spa in Glasgow reached our London office, the excitement was palpable. According to its owner the spa is the first to make gin into a body rub, as well as a gastronomic delight. The spa relies on spirits distilled by craftsmen using locally sourced ingredients. See you there.