13 Cute Storage Boxes And Baskets To Marie Kondo Your Entire Home

Pack that sh*t away

Plain storage boxes are nice and all that, but if space is at a premium and you have to store things in the open, you may as well buy something easy on the eyes.

There are loads of online retailers selling affordable boxes and baskets to put your bits and bobs in – from rustic-looking crates to beautifully printed boxes. Here’s the best of the bunch.

Pom-Pom Power

Pom-pom basket, H&M, £14.99

How glorious is this little basket? Simple, yet snazzy – and sure to liven up any dull space.

Dimensions: D30 x H26cm.

Buy it here.

So Crate

Crate, TK Maxx, £5.99

This vintage-esque crate could be used for storing your shoes, DVDs or even books. If you have lots of stuff, buy a couple and stack them up.

Dimensions: H14 x W26 x D16cm.

Buy it here.

Basket Fantastic

Rattan basket, H&M, £34.99

Have you ever seen a lovelier-looking basket in your life? This rattan beaut is a little more costly at £34.99, but is a worthy addition to your home. Use it to store towels in the bathroom or blankets in the living room.

Dimensions: D35cm x H28cm.

Buy it here.

Copper Load Of This

Pastel box with lid, Matalan, £7

A pale pink box with cute copper detailing – and the very first in this guide to come with a lid. It’s handy for keeping all your bits and bobs hidden, but also great for stacking. And it’s foldable. Winning.

Dimensions: H33 x W33 x D31cm.

Buy it here.

Tidy Tower

Storage boxes set, Dunelm, £8

A set of three cardboard boxes with varying prints – ideal for storing stationery or keeping your mail tidy without breaking the bank.

Small box: H17 x W24 x D11cm.
Medium box: H20 x W29 x D11cm.
Large box: H23 x W34 x D12cm.

Buy them here.

Wicker Wonder

Wicker basket, Ikea, £12

These baskets have a bit of depth to them, which is great news if you’re looking to do some hardcore sorting. Line them up on a shelf in your bedroom or living room to keep things neat and tidy. (They also fit perfectly in Ikea’s popular KALLAX shelf).

Dimensions: H32 x W34 x D32cm.

Buy it here.

Tango Triangles

Triangle print boxes (set of two), Habitat, £10

The joy of these jazzy boxes is that they come in a pack of two and they’re half price in the sale. Oh, and they’re guaranteed to liven up your bedroom.

Small box: H26.5 x W24 x D37cm.
Large box: H30 x W28 x D41cm.

Buy them here.

Wood You?

Painted wooden box, Etsy, £25

These boxes made with reclaimed wood have been painted in three different colour schemes: white and black, pink and black, and yellow and grey. They’re a little more expensive at £25 each, but they’re certainly unique.

Dimensions: H25 x W25 x D25cm.

Buy it here.

Au Naturale

Textured basket, Zara, £17.99 or £25.99 (depending on size)

Made from different fibres, these baskets come with two side handles so you can move them about easily. Decorative and practical – we like.

Small box: H20 x W22 x D31cm.
Large box: H21 x W27 x D37cm.

Buy it here.

Learn The Ropes

Set of three rope storage baskets, Matalan, £8

Put these grey rope weave baskets in your bathroom to store all your toiletries. The set comes with two small baskets and one large (and you can also get them in white).

Small baskets: H16 x W11 x D11cm.
Large basket: H25cm x W19cm x D12cm.

Buy them here.

Totally Wired

Wire storage basket, H&M, £12.99

H&M is leading the way as far as stylish baskets are going. Brass is a big homeware trend for the year, so these wire baskets are a cheap and easy way to introduce it into your home. Guaranteed to spark joy.

Dimensions: H15 x W25 x D31cm.

Buy it here.

Print Perfect

Print storage boxes, Maisons du Monde, £20.38

Go for a kitsch pattern if you’re after a little more unique. These boxes from Maisons du Monde come in a pack of two and are beautifully decorated with a yellow, white and pale grey print.

Dimensions not specified.

Buy them here.

Flower Power

Set of three boxes, Amazon, £25.24

Store away your paperwork in style with three storage boxes in Orla Kiely’s iconic flower designs. Organising never looked so fun.

Dimensions: 2x A5-sized, and 1x A4-sized boxes.

Buy them here.

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