The Best Wall Mirrors To Admire Yourself In (And Jazz Up Bare Walls)

Get ready for wood, leather, metal and... tassels.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the best mirror of them all? You, of course. Well, after you’ve finished scrolling through this lot.

Mirrors not only provide a great way to check if you’ve spilt coffee on your top, but they can also be a really effective way to make a wall look poppin’ – an alternative, low budget work of art, if you like. Big mirrors can also make small spaces look bigger, so if you’re looking to spruce up your small flat it could be time to invest.

From smaller, round mirrors to big in-your-face mirrors, we’ve collated our faves.


Round bamboo mirror, Zara Home, £39.99

This year will see a resurgence in interest for homeware made from natural products like wood, according to Elle Decor’s home trends report. This bamboo mirror from Zara Home is the perfect way to bring the outside in.

Dimensions: 60cm in diameter.

No Nails Needed

IKORNNES standing mirror in ash wood, Ikea, £95

Standing tall at 167cm, this free-standing Ikea mirror is perfect for people who a) want to catch a glimpse of their entire body and b) aren’t able to hang mirrors on their walls – for example, if they’re renting. It also comes with a little rail on the back which you can drape your clothes or scarves over if you can’t be bothered to hang them up. Winning.

Dimensions: 52cm wide x 167cm high.

More Tassel, Less Hassle

Fringe mirror, H&M, £17.99

This mirror is a statement piece – one which surely deserves pride of place in the hallway or your bedroom. Fringe is a big wearable trend for spring/summer 2019 according to Vogue, but we don’t see why your home shouldn’t be wearing it too.

Dimensions: 25.5cm wide x 30.5cm high.

Wood You?

Rectangular wooden mirror, Zara Home, £69.99

This lovely wooden mirror would look delightful on a sage green wall, surrounded by lots of house plants. Its shape makes it ideal for hanging on the wall or placing on different surfaces.

Dimensions: 70cm high x 40cm wide.

Hell For Leather

Round leather strap mirror, H&M, £49.99

This would look lush hanging above your trendy bathroom sink or in your minimalistic living room. The reviews are pretty good too: “Gorgeous mirror, soft quality leather - looks fabulous in my son’s bedroom.”

Dimensions: 40cm diameter, frame included.

The Minimalist

Black mirror, Maisons du Monde, £115

Another minimalistic treat. This metal mirror’s simplistic design means it will stand the test of time, regardless of your decor.

Dimensions: 160cm high x 50cm wide.

Bold As Brass

Alana rectangular mirror,, £199

Word on the street is that copper is out, brass is in. This large rectangular mirror comes in brushed brass and will make any wall look far better and less bland. Winning.

Dimensions: 70cm wide x 100cm high.

Bask In Oak

Van Buren Leaner Mirror, Wayfair, £100.99

This oak effect beauty is versatile and large, which is how we like our mirrors. It can be mounted vertically in your bedroom or horizontally over your hallway console table.

Dimensions: 152.5cm high x 63.5cm wide.

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