12/07/2016 10:12 BST | Updated 12/07/2016 12:45 BST

Bianca Jagger Apologises After Posting Racist And Homophobic List Of Iraq War MPs

'I made a terrible mistake.'

Danny Martindale via Getty Images
Bianca Jagger lead activists, politicians and 21 century suffragettes to 'Walk In Her Shoes' on March 6, 2016 in London, England.

Human rights advocate Bianca Jagger has been forced to apologise after tweeting a link to a list of MPs that voted for the Iraq War in which some are described as “negro”, “jewess” and “openly homosexual”.

The former actress, 71, also posted the Metapedia webpage on her Facebook profile whilst trying to build a case against the current coup to oust Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


The link shows the names all those who voted for the Iraq War under the heading “Criminal”, their constituency and a notes column which contains - amongst others - the following descriptions. 

Clive Betts - Openly homosexual.

Paul Boateng - Negro. Served in the Blair cabinet.

Chris Bryant - Infamous homosexual exhibitionist.

Louise Ellman - Jewess. Connected to Labour Friends of Israel. 

A section of the article tweeted by Jagger.

Jagger tweeted the link urging people to “read it carefully” three times much to the shock of politicians and commentators. 

Upon realising here error, Jagger tweeted an apology. 

Metapedia describes itself “The alternative encyclopaedia” but in reality is largely a collection of far-right and white supremacist articles.

It was founded in 2006 by a neo-Nazi publisher by the name of Anders Lagerström.

The article in question is the top Google search result for “list of UK MPs who voted for the Iraq War”.

Jagger is the founder of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation which is “dedicated to defending human rights, ending violence against women and girls, addressing the threat of climate change, supporting the rights of indigenous peoples and defending the rights of future generations”.

She was also very vocal in her criticism on the EU referendum campaign for what she saw as fuelling racism in the UK.