21/08/2017 14:46 BST | Updated 21/08/2017 15:16 BST

Big Ben's Final Bongs Gatecrashed By Vibrator Salesman In Facebook Live

'It's not Dragon's Den mate.'

An “entrepreneurial” sex toy salesman hijacked HuffPost UK’s Facebook Live stream of Big Ben’s final bongs.

Crowds gathered outside the Houses of Parliament at midday on Monday to witness the iconic bells ring out for the final time before they fell silent for four years of repair works.

Deputy political editor Owen Bennett was less than impressed with the “event” - which drew a bizarre sombre tribute from some MPs - one of whom even claimed to shed a tear as the 12 bongs were received with a round of applause.

Hosting a Facebook Live while waiting for the dozen bongs, self-confessed “utterly indifferent” Bennett said: “I don’t really know what else to say people. It’s just a clock that isn’t going to ring.”

As he looked around waiting to be saved by the bell, a suited businessman with a pink tie was happy to take the limelight - live on Facebook.

“People want to know about the Little Rooster,” he said, holding up what looks like a mini pink fly swat. 

“It’s an alarm clock that you wear in your underwear. It vibrates between your legs.”

'You won't be missing Big Ben's bongs'.

Bennett replied: “This is not Dragon’s Den mate.”

Undeterred, the salesman continued: “You won’t miss Big Ben’s bongs with the Little Rooster.”

That proved enough for the HuffPost team who moved on to face the Elizabeth Tower.

“Alright, OK. Thank you for that. We are going to leave that there,” said Bennett.

“That’s entrepreneurism right there isn’t it.”

He was finally saved by the bell when Big Ben proceeded to bong.

Watch the Facebook Live back here 👇