13/06/2017 16:26 BST

'Big Brother': Chanelle McCleary Receives Formal Warning After Kieran Lee Row

It's the second incident in two days she has been involved in.

’Big Brother’ housemate Chanelle McCleary has received a formal warning from bosses, following an altercation with Kieran Lee

The Mancunian enraged her fellow contestant when she flicked his hat off, leading to a heated moment between the pair.

In scenes from Tuesday’s (13 June) show, Chanelle and Kieran were messing around, when she spat on the sofa and joked he “wanted her”.

Channel 5
Chanelle has been given a formal warning on 'Big Brother'

He then made a comment about her lip fillers, which hit a nerve with her, as she commented: “Why are you commenting on my appearance? That’s disrespectful. I think I look cute.”

Chanelle then flicked Kieran’s baseball cap off his head, prompting him to jump up off the sofa in anger. 

“Who the fuck are you touching?” he said. “You are so lucky you’re a girl, man.”

Hen then stormed out into the garden, calling her a “stupid, little c***”. 

Channel 5
Kieran was enraged after Chanelle knocked his cap off

However, it was Chanelle that was called to the Diary Room for her conduct, and was issued with a formal warning for her behaviour. 

The latest incident comes just 24 hours after Sukhvinder Javeed accused Chanelle of trying to suffocate her, when she jokingly placed a bread bag on her head, sparking a row between them. 

Catch the fallout from Chanelle and Kieran’s argument, tonight at 10pm on Channel 5. 

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