12/06/2017 16:54 BST

'Big Brother': Sukhvinder Javeed Accuses Chanelle McCleary Of Trying To Suffocate Her After Bread Prank Goes Wrong

It also prompted a disagreement between Sukhvinder and her husband.

Proving once again that ‘Big Brother’ contestants row over the strangest of things, an argument has erupted after one housemate tried to put a bag from a loaf of bread on someone’s head. 

Sukhvinder Javeed was furious with Chanelle McCleary after she jokingly placed the bag on her, accusing her of trying to suffocate her. 

The pair had been bantering about sandwiches, when Chanelle decided to take things further by playing a prank on Sukhvinder - something which she did not take well. 

Channel 5
Chanelle tried to put a bag over Sukhvinder's head

Shouting into her microphone, she raged: “Big Brother, I want to make a complaint. I do not appreciate some fucker trying to suffocate me.”

She then warned Chanelle: “Don’t come into my personal space.”

Chanelle was quick to brush it off as a joke, but later broke down in tears as she insisted she’d only been messing around. 

“It’s got me angry ‘cos I thought we were friends… I’m sorry but we’ve been having banter all day,” she cried. 

“We were messing around. That’s why I put the bag over your head, to say ‘Shut up’. Like it’s a bit of fun. For fuck’s sake, I can’t have a laugh with anyone in this house.”

Channel 5
Chanelle was upset by Sukhvinder's accusations

Sukhvinder then expressed her anger to Charlotte Keys, saying: “Am I speaking to children? How can you try to put a bag over someone’s head?”

“In her world that’s probably normal,” Charlotte tried to reason with her. “Maybe you should have just given her a warning… told her not to do it again.

“You shouldn’t have done it in front of everyone. You just publicly humiliated her.”

The row then caused tension between Sukhvinder and her husband Imran, after he told Chanelle she was “a good person”. 

In bed, she turned to him and said: “See how you turned on me…I can’t deal with you. You either take my hand or you split…Mr Nice Guy to everyone.”

See all the fallout from the latest row in tonight’s (12 June) ‘Big Brother’, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

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