Bill Bailey Reveals Why He Had A Eurovision Song Turned Down By The BBC

The comedian has also thrown his hat in the ring to represent the UK in 2022.

Bill Bailey has revealed he had a Eurovision song rejected by the BBC because it was “too silly”.

The comedian has said he submitted a “spoof anthem” to the broadcaster in the hope of being selected as the UK’s representative a few years ago.

However, speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said the track, which was in the style of the theme from sitcom Dad’s Army, was turned down.

Bill Bailey appeared on Good Morning Britain
Bill Bailey appeared on Good Morning Britain

“A few years ago I sent in an entry to Eurovision and it was a spoof anthem, the BBC said it’s too silly,” he said.

“This taking it seriously, that’s not going well either, is it?”

Speaking about where the UK is going wrong, after singer James Newman ended up with the dreaded “nul points” at Saturday’s Song Contest, Bill continued: “There needs to be a bit more drama, theatre, that’s what this show is about. Even if it’s a bit over the top and eccentric, that’s something that’s been lacking.

“There’s always something on my mind, a rock song, I don’t know... We’re not taking it seriously enough, and then we’re taking it too seriously, if you know what I mean.

“We’ve got it the wrong way around. We should focus on the performance, the visuals of it, make it into a huge celebration of Britishness that sends it up a little bit with some great hooks.”

Of James’ efforts, Bill said: “It was a serviceable song and performance. We’re sort of missing a trick.

“We need to celebrate the eccentricity of Britishness, it doesn’t seem to be coming across. It’s very well produced but it’s a bit underwhelming, a bit bland.”

Bill recently expressed his interest in representing the UK at Eurovision after Saturday’s result, tweeting: “I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring for #Eurovision 2022.”

James’ performance of his song Embers led to only the second time ever the UK has scored nothing at Eurovision.

James Newman scored "nul points" at Saturday's Eurovision
James Newman scored "nul points" at Saturday's Eurovision
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The last time the UK scored “nul points” was in 2003, when Jemini infamously picked up nothing for their rendition of Cry Baby.

James has remained upbeat following the dismal result, and also had a zinger of comeback for Piers Morgan, when the former Good Morning Britain presenter branded him “crap”.

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