15/05/2019 11:49 BST | Updated 15/05/2019 14:18 BST

Black Mirror Season Five Trailer Sees Andrew Scott A World Away From The Priest In Fleabag

We also get to see Miley Cyrus in action for the first time.

The trailer for series five of Black Mirror has been revealed and – as is always the case with Black Mirror – it looks like it’s going to deliver the goods. 

Series five of the hit Netflix show will consist of three episodes and the trailer teases that they will once again change how we see “technology, the future, sex, each other, privacy connection, love, family, work [and] the afterlife”. 

The clip, which comes in short of two minutes, features Fleabag star Andrew Scott, whose character is the focus of the opening shot. 

Andrew Scott in the new Black Mirror trailer

He’s a world away from The Priest we fell in love with on Fleabag though, as he sits in a car that’s surrounded by police while brandishing a gun. 

The trailer also gives us our first glimpse at Miley Cyrus’ Black Mirror debut, which was teased by the singer last year. 

Her decision to speak about the appearance may not have gone down well with Netflix and the show’s creators though – and when we tried to broach the topic with Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, they weren’t too keen on talking about it

Miley Cyrus also stars in the fifth series of the Charlie Brooker show

Another of the stories appears to be about a robot doll, which can be seen giving a young woman compliments. 

The trailer confirms that we don’t have too much of a wait before the episodes debut either, as they’ll be available to stream from Wednesday June 5. 

The most recent instalment of Black Mirror was the interactive episode Bandersnatch, which proved to be a hit with critics and viewers after debuting over Christmas. 

Creating the choose-your-own-adventure episode was obviously difficult, but speaking to HuffPost UK, the show’s creators admitted the final product was “better” than they thought it would be

Annabel said: “The key thing that we wanted was for it not to affect the flow of the film, for there not to be any jarring moments where the action stops and you stop caring – where it stops being a film, essentially.

“So I’m really pleased we managed to achieve that.”

“We were going to do little visual cues, but we did a little test and that was fucking baffling, so then we ended up with what was a very simple letterbox format and a little timer,” Charlie added. “So the finished product was much smoother than I thought it could be.”

Watch the Black Mirror series five trailer above.